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With more than 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Daniel Gonzalez has always combined his professional carrier in both management and practical--sports areas in fitness centers, having a unique and very particular profile in the fitness industry and covering a wide spectrum of areas related to fitness for both professionals/companies, and fitness enthusiasts.

Completed his University graduation on Sports and Physical Activity Science, he moved to the United States where he lived in Los Angeles beginning specific education in fitness centers. Later afeter coming back to Spain, he moved to New York, where he began his professional work for one of the most prestigious national fitness company... Once he finished his stay in the U.S. returned to Spain where he began to work as General Manager for fitness centers while at the same time he developed his profile as a speaker and presenter at international conventions for fitness professionals. Daniel Gonzalez has trained thousands of fitness professionals worldwide, having presented his work, classes, courses and lectures in more than 40 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Daniel has presented in more than 400 international conventions, providing more than 1,200 classes, workshops and lectures.

In his experience as General Manager for fitness centers, he has directed all kinds of clubs, from small size ones to medium and big size clubs.

Within his professional evolution in the management area, Daniel has come through different phases. From fitness centers General Manager he went into his next step being Development Manager in Spain for the american company Gold's Gym during 4 years. In his latest phase Daniel is focusiing his carrier in the management area as a consultant and in-company coach for fitness centers and companies.

Nowadays Daniel González is considered as a prestigious International Fitness Presenter, works on the management area as consultant for fitness centers and trains fitness professionals worldwide.

Daniel is a fat loss expert and carries out this activity with Metabolic Effect ( www.metaboliceffect.com ). He is the embassor and developer of Metabolic Effect in Spanish ( www.metaboliceffectspanish.com FB: Metabolic Effect Spanish, Twitter: @MeEffectSpanish ).

Metabolic Effect teaches the healthy and fat loss lifestyle joinning nutrition and smart exercise from a hormonal and holistic approach. Metabolic Effect offers educational programs for fitness professionals as well as online fat loss and nutrition programs for the general public.

Daniel Gonzalez has several videos in the market and he is a Master Trainer for:

- Metabolic Effect ( www.metaboliceffect.com )

- Bosu-Ballast Ball ( www.bosu.com )

- Lebert Training Systems ( www.lebertfitness.com )

- Total Gym Gravity (www.totalgym.com ) ( www.rocfit.com )

- Functional Zone-Pavigym (www.functionalzone.com )

- Striding (www.stridingsystem.com)