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Thanks to his professional development and wide international experience in all areas and departments of a fitness club, Daniel González has a very particular and unique profile which allows him to provide consultancy services and In-Company training not only from the knowledge but also from the real experience in field. This combination and his professional development in both the  management and  the fitness-sports areas allow Daniel Gonzalez to offer consulting services for fitness centers that cover the full spectrum of all areas and departments. From global consulting with total coverage of all areas and departments of the fitness club (both in the sports area and in the area of management), to consulting and training "InCompany" concrete programmes focusing on specific needs or weak  areas for improvement.

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The economic and financial viability plan covers projections for  a period of 3 to 5 years since club  opening. The plan includes the following contents:



  • Monthly planning of all cost areas: operating expenses, depreciation and financial expenses..
  • Planning and adjustment of each cost area percentage vs total income projection according to the fitness industry standards to make the business evolution and proper profitability possible .
  • Staff needs projection in al the different departments, wage determination and verification of the appropriate percentage of expenditure on staff area with respect to the total revenue forecast according to the industry standards.
  • Business start-up  budget projection  and  as well as working capital to ensure the initial operability.
  • Annual summary of all expenses areas: operating expenses, depreciation and financial costs.



  • Monthly income forecast considering the annual cycle in a fitness center. Revenues are divided in areas... Membership fees, auxiliary revenue...
  • Average membership fee projection as well as the different prices  according to the club identity, type of Center, target audience and local market.
  • Annual income summary.



  • Monthly  cash flow projection.
  • Annual  cash flow projection.
  • Business break even projection.
  • Member average value projection.
  • Monthly and annual EBITDA projection.
  • Monthly and annual sales projection.
  • Monthly and annual atrittion projection.
  • Retention projection.
  • Club monthly and annual net growth according to the industry standards to assure a proper business evolution during the first years.
  • Business evolution graphics.






  • General Manager continuous educational course (this is a wide concept which includes education and training on all areas needed to be a successful fitness club manager)
  • Business control and evolution tools developement and stablishment.
  • Configurarion of monthly, weekly and daily reports in the club management software.
  • Organizational chart
  • Optimize the number of staff members needed creating a functional and effective staff structure.
  • Employee handbook. Company general standards for staff.
  • Members satisfaction control.
  • Department's managers training education.
  • Monthly goals follow up set up system.
  • Members retention program developement.
  • New members integration process establishment and follow up.
  • Staff selection and recruitment education....training on the staff selection process for the different positions (interviews, qualities needed for every job position, interviews questions...)
  • Statistics system stablishment.
  • Continous advice on new trends, equipments, activities...






  • Group activities department procedures and standards manual for instructors.
  • Department manager continuous education on all areas needed to run a productive and successful department and group activities program.
  • Continuous group activities instructors training on different activities so we make sure they provide high quality and service standards classes.
  • New group activities program creation including new activities, and reinforcing a powerful results oriented program.
  • Advice on the latest activities, trends and new equipments to stablish big differences with competitors.
  • Instructors assesment program.
  • Group activities department control tools...complete statistics system.
  • New instructors castings and recruitment interview system. Staffing.
  • Program and  timetable creation process. How to create good, aatractive and balanced group activities programs step by step.




  • Fitness instructors procedures and standards manual.
  • Personal trainer procedures and standards manual.
  • Department manager continuous education on all areas needed to run a productive and successful department.
  • Personal trainers continous training and education on new activities, training systems, new equipments etc.
  • Fitness department statistics system.
  • Personal training department productivity control tool and education.
  • Personal trainer individual productivity control tool and education.
  • New members integration process stablishment and follow up.
  • Advice on the latest activities, trends and new equipments to stablish big differences with competitors.
  • New trainers casting and recruitment system. Staffing.





  • Department procedures and standards manual.
  • Continuous training and education on high quality customer service standards ( how to proceed in different difficult moments, general high level customer service...)
  • Department manager continuous training and education on how to run an effective front desk department.





  • Marketing strategy development.
  • CRM system development
  • Club newsletter development.
  • Club magazine development.
  • Regular special activities program development.
  • Training and education on how to work and develope online efecctive marketing tools business oriented (facebook, twitter, youtube channel etc)
  • Brand identity development advice to position the barrad and become opinion leader in the fitness national industry.
  • Advice on marketing campaigns.




  • Department's chart.
  • Sales department manual.
  • Department manager training and education.
  • Sales staff training and education.
  • Sales department internal documents.
  • Sales department productivity control tools and docs.
  • Sales estrategies and system for Fitness Clubs for staff and department manager.




Training group activities instructors and personal trainers is very important but it is even more important to train these departments managers as they are the team leaders and the ones responsible to manage the department, motivate the team, control and monitor productivity and make the team get the monthly club goals.




  • Department’s chart
  • Fitness instructor procedures manual
  • Personal trainer procedures manual
  • Fitness room technical managment process design
  • Fitness instructors & pt continous education
  • Fitness integration process for new members
  • Department meetings system stablishment
  • Fitnessroom attendance statitistics system
  • Pt sales statistics & report
  • Staff selection and recruitment
  • Fitness department control tools
  • The fitness and pt manager planner. The manager agenda.
  • Fitness and pt department marketing.




  • Department’s chart
  • Department manager functions
  • Group activities procedures manual
  • Group activities program & timetable design
  • Group activities program update with the most international trendy activities
  • Group activities instructors continous education
  • Group activities statistics system stablishment
  • Instructors assesment program
  • Instructors recruitment
  • Group x department control tools.
  • The group activities manager planner.



  • Qualities of a personal trainer nowadays
  • The personal trainer tasks
  • The procedures with the client. How to set up a successful system.
  • Sales for a personal trainer:
    • How to sell your self in the club.
    • Sales systems for personal trainers.
    • Prospecting. Getting new clients.
    • Referrals, key of success.
    • Working with objections.
    • Sales track systems.
    • How to become more productive.
    • The sales process for the personal trainer.
  • Marketing for the personal trainer:
    • The personal training marketing today.
    • New technologies...a must for a personal trainer.
    • How to market yourself in the club.
    • How to use media to get new clients and offer an excellent service..
    • Facebook for a personal trainer.
    • Twitter for a personal trainer.
    • Youtube for a personal trainer.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Productivity and goals tool. Excel document to measure the trainer productivity, monthly goal projection , control appointments, sales etc







TAC (Total Athletic Conditioning)

Fitness clubs customers demand more and more conditioning classes, being these type of classes one of the biggest trends in Fitness clubs in the international panorama right now. TAC is a fantastic concept created by Daniel Gonzalez, a great total athletic conditioning class with original ideas and exercises to work at your sessions…cardiovascular conditioning to muscle resistance training, functional training..all in one complete session . A very succesfull class in clubs open to everybody which provides fast and great results to members. Daniel released a TAC DVD which has been a great success.

A high intensity whole body workout using all different kind of equipment.



  • The TAC concept.
  • About high intensity training.
  • How to create and design a TAC class.
  • Class sections.
  • How to use and exercises glosary for TAC with:
    • Step
    • Bosu
    • Dumbells
    • Fitball (Swiss Ball)
    • Free body weight (no equipment, just your body weight).
    • Bars and discs.
    • Elastic tubes.
    • Stroops materials.


GAL (Gluteus, Abdominals & Legs)

A very successful session in all clubs focusing the workout in the lower body and core areas of the body. A very fun and results driven class using all different kinds of equipment.


  • The GAL class concept.
  • Anathomy of the muscle groups involved in the class.
  • Class sections.
  • How to create and design a GAL class.
  • Exercises glosary using:
  • Step
  • Bosu
  • Gliding
  • Body bar
  • Elastic tubes
  • ...



Whole review on all kinds of aspects and ways in which the step can be used in the group choreography activities. A whole course to create expert step instructors.


  • The music.
  • Basic moves.
  • Class sections.
  • Cueing.
  • Basic structures.
  • Break down process.
  • Class fluency.
  • Choreography creation process.
  • Cross phrasing
  • Growing structures
  • Change of plane.
  • Insertions. Types of insertions.
  • Different class formats



Whole review on all kinds of aspects and ways in which moder aerobic can be introduced in the group activities programs. A whole course to create expert aerobic instructors.



  • The music
  • Basic moves
  • Class sections
  • Teaching tools and breaking down process.
  • Class fluency
  • Teaching methods.
  • Cueing
  • Advanced teaching methods.
  • Class formats.




One of the most trendy and demanded activities in fitness clubs. Functional training is a complete kind of workout in which the goal is to use different kinds of equipment and exercises to improve physical qualities which will provide a better quality of life to user. Agility, flexibility, coordination, postural exercises, cardiovascular exercise, strentgh....all in one class.


  • Functional training concept.
  • Types of functional training.
  • Benefits of functional training.
  • Physical qualities involved.
  • Class formats.
  • Exercises glosary with different equipments:
    • Fitball
    • Bosu
    • Body bar
    • Elastic tubes
    • Flexy Bar
    • Free body weight
    • ...


FLOWIN  ( www.flowin.com )

The FLOWIN® Concept came to life among a group of elite decathletes with an extensive history and competence within the fields of medicine, top level athlete training and healthcare. In 2006, after some years of planning and development.

The FLOWIN® Concept consists of a functional exercise targeting stability, mobility, strength, balance, speed, and power.

The basic principles of the FLOWIN® Concept is based on vertically constricted movements over a larger plate, while friction is off-loaded by smaller pads sliding horizontally across the plate. The pad and plate friction has been carefully optimized for a safe yet effective motion, which the exerciser is able to fully master by simply altering the amount of applied pressure on the pads. Hence FLOWIN® FRICTION TRAINING™.

Using the body as counterweight; you can easily control the amount of friction and select the level of exertion, ranging from near nothing up to a full stop. The FLOWIN® Concept allows you to exercise the entire body at the difficulty level of your choice. It is, simply put, an exercise form that works with you and for you.



GLIDING. ( www.glidingdiscs.com )


The Gliding™ sliding disc exercise system allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements. Gliding™ exercises are extremely versatile and can be structured into a stand-alone Gliding™ class or incorporated into your existing class format. Gliding™ exercises work multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization throughout the range of motion. Simplicity of movement makes this unique exercise system adaptable. You can incorporate it into virtually into any class format, including Hi-Low, Step, Pilates, Yoga, Core Conditioning, Strength and many more.


Specifically designed sliding discs transform exercise movements into smooth, graceful lines of flowing motion. They help you achieve optimal range of motion more easily and consistently with many exercises. New and effective lunge variations and combinations can now be competently performed. The entire movement becomes engaging and purposeful. Simply put, it adds a smooth touch onto tough stuff!


Common routines are energized and old exercises are transformed. And unlike other exercise equipment, there is no storage issue. These unique sliding discs are lightweight, compact, and come in versions specially designed for both hard wood and carpeted floors.


Gliding™ Exercise System Benefits:

•                               Provides a new exciting stand alone format: Gliding™

•                                  Enhances and energizes your existing class formats

•              Incorporates body sculpting, balance, flexibility, core and cardio

•                                                     Allows for a more optimal range of motion

•                       Progressive movements strengthen and lengthen muscles

•                                         Fantastic addition for personal training sessions




Fitball instructor course.


  • The Fitball. characteristics.
  • Proprioception and balance integrated training.
  • Safety tips.
  • Muscular chains.
  • Fitball training characteristics.
  • Fitball training positions
  • Basic principles to increase or decrease intensity in fitball exercises.
  • Cueing fitball exercises.
  • Class formats.
  • Lower body exercises.
  • Core exercises.
  • Upper body exercises.
  • Fitball secuences.
  • Stretching with fitball.
  • Balance exercises.



Products and activities that Iam  Official International Master Trainer for and  I can provide the official certification to instructors and trainers.





Fast and high output. That’s what every client of your fitness centre wants. Strength or condition: as long as you get the job done quickly and effectively. From a business perspective, you want exactly the same thing. New devices and services are only interesting if they attract more clients, recover costs quickly, and allow you to realize more profi t.

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is your tool of choice!

The BOSU® Balance Trainer offers many benefi ts.


A challenge on every side

BOSU® is an acronym for ‘both sides up’. The BOSU® Balance Trainer can be used with the platform side either up or down for different types of balance challenges. Two recessed handles on the bottom of, and toward the sides of the platform make it easy to turn over or carry.


Suitable for every level

The BOSU® Balance Trainer, has its origins in the therapeutic setting. Because of the simplicity of the device the user controls his/her own level of difficulty. This makes the BOSU® Balance Trainer popular among all ages and from average people to highly trained athletes. The BOSU® Balance Trainer is the ideal device for fitness clubs, personal trainers, sport clubs and physiotherapists.


An A1 eye catcher

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a striking and noticeable new piece of equipment. It will quickly become an exciting new topic of conversation inside and outside your fitness club!


Versatile & Effective

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is an all round training tool that can challenge all of the body’s muscles.

As a result, BOSU® Balance Trainer workouts can be either targeted and offer clients full body training.

Add an entirely new challenge to body shape, 


Men love it!

Attract an entirely new target group for your workouts! In most workouts the majority of participants are female. Understandable, for they often involve choreographic exercises that have little appeal to men.

However, because of its ability to radically change strength and endurance the BOSU® Balance Trainer

offers a way to appeal to men’s’ interests. It is a balance device for which men literally stand up.





5 Hours



I. Introduction

Functional balance training can be defined very simply as “activity that trains movement.” The BOSU® Complete Workout System focuses on the science, theory and practical information necessary to create safe and effective functional, conditioning and balance training programs that can be adapted for all levels of fitness.


II. BOSU® Balance Trainer Practical Concerns

                                                                                               A.   Inflation density

                                                                                                     B.   Floor surface

                                                                                C.   Footwear and foot fatigue

                                                                                   D.   Dome surface and sweat

                                              E.   Proper storage (stacking and heat/sun exposure)

                                   F.   Durability (tested to be burst resistant at 2800 pounds)


III. Understanding Functional Training

                                                                                                               A.   Define Functional Training                                                                                                 

                                                       B.   Ten Characteristics of Functional Training

                                                                     C.   Fitness and Performance Training


IV. The Science Behind Balance Training

                                                                                                                             A.   Balance                                                                                                                   

                                    B.   Body Equilibrium Components for Skilled Movement

                                                   C.   Science Foundation behind Balance Training


V. Balance Training Application

                                                                A.   Why Do We Need Balance Training

                                                                                              B.   Why the BOSU® Balance Trainer                                                                                                       

                                                                    C.   Evolution of BOSU Programming


VI. The BOSU® Complete Workout System

                                                       A.   How the BOSU Complete System Works

                                                                                                         B.   Equipment

                                                                                      C.   The Key to the System

                                                                                                                                                     1.   Progress any exercise

                                                                                                                                                     2.   Regress any exercise

                                                                                                                                                     3.   Add variety to any exercise

                                                                                                                                                     4.   Simplifies and saves time

                                                                                                                                                     5.   Provides for “on the spot” modifications


VII. Balance Challenge Variables


VIII. BOSU Complete Core Workouts and excercises


IX. BOSU Complete Upper Body, Lower Body and Total Body Workouts and exercises






Blast your body from head to toe while strengthening your core and improving your balance!  Using the protocol from the BOSU® Complete Workout System, this workshop is designed to show you how to design and teach total body conditioning classes that even the most serious client or student will love.  Plus you will learn clever, simple ways to progress, regress and adapt each exercise to accommodate even your beginner clients or students. You’ll get a lot of tools, movements and sequences to renew your ability to use the BOSU® Balance Trainer for sculpting and conditioning the entire body!


BOSU® Cardio Express

This action packed session will deliver an explosion of cardio drills guaranteed to raise your heart rate and workout fun factor. Innovative movement patterns can be linked for group fitness or used independently for personal training or circuit workouts. Using the BOSU® Balance Trainer, learn unique drills that will challenge your cardio fitness as well as improving your balance, agility, coordination and athletic power.



More info www.lebertfitness.com

Lebert Fitness is a world leader in innovative bodyweight training tools.  Created by personal trainer and Taekwondo black belt, Marc Lebert, Lebert Fitness products are utilized by Pro Sports Teams, Personal Trainers, Athletic Departments, Boot Camps, Clubs and more.  These extremely versatile tools take strength training to the field, ice, gym and court like no other.

In this workshop you will learn how to use and lots of multiple skills and exercises with:




The Lebert Equalizer is a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works arms, chest, back and core muscles like no other can, using your own body weight as resistance.

Created by personal trainer and Taekwondo Black Belt,  

Marc Lebert, the Equalizer is now being used by athletes of all levels and ages, in bootcamps, group fitness, sports conditioning classes, martial arts clubs and home gyms everywhere.



Just like a great workout partner, the Lebert Buddy System™ can keep you working at a higher level of intensity and keep you on your toes!

The Buddy System is the latest creation by Marc Lebert, inventor of the Lebert Equalizer. Using the Buddy System, two people - the buddies - operate together as a single unit so they are able to monitor and help each other.

The Buddy System IS NOT a Suspension System or a Band



STRIDING. ( www.stridingsystem.com )


Striding® is a new and super effective training program performed on a revolutionary Eco-friendly and space efficient non-motorised treadmill. Therefore, there is no need for electrical energy for the treadmill to work, only energy generated by human kinetic movement.


Striding® is a 50 minute indoor group lesson which simulates a strident hike through gently sloping terrain, varying stride pace and stride length according to the musical tempo chosen for each section of the lesson.

Rain, hail or shine, Striding® is performed in a safe and controlled environment. Classes are conducted by trained Striding® professionals, all experts in designing lessons for a cross section of the community; from professional athletes to rehabilitation patients and everyone in between.


This innovative new training system not only allows the body to burn up a significant number of calories in just one lesson, Striding® also targets the body’s trouble zones, i.e. the hips, thighs and bottom!


Balance and joint stability are improved, as well as muscle tone in areas such as the shoulders, lower limbs, abs, lower back, and all the muscles of the core, providing protection for the body’s internal organs and stability for the spine. Striding® focuses on building better posture with every stride and functional fitness for the future.


Although Striding® targets the problematic lower body in particular, our aim is complete body health. Many lessons incorporate Power Striding® an upper body toning section technique which promotes the re-enforcement and toning of the arms, shoulders and the muscles acting on the scapula and shoulder joint.




TOTAL GYM - GRAVITY ( www.totalgym.com)


Total Gym is an angular variable resistance device. It uses your body weight against the pull of gravity as the load, which means Total Gym doesn't lock you into one position or movement. You can train in all three planes of motion: front to back, side-to-side and rotational.

Total Gym allows a full, free range of motion of the joints, and builds body strength by working major muscle groups together in concert with the core stabilizers of the abdomen and back.

Functional exercises create stronger, leaner muscles than isolation exercises, because they encourage the muscles of the body to work together imitating real life activities.

Total Gym helps you develop the muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility that can dramatically improve your body shape and composition. Whether you want to build lean muscle mass, to gain size or to replace excess fat, Total Gym is your ride to success.


GRAVITY® is Total Gym's premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members.

Offering unparalleled program variety, GRAVITY workouts, from boot camps to choreographed Pilates, inspire member participation and put Total Gym equipment to maximum use in your health and wellness facilities.


Facilities launching GRAVITY initially complete the Total Gym GRAVITY Foundation Course, a two day comprehensive onsite training for instructors and staff that includes:

Complete exercise library and program design strategy

Implementing small group, choreographed workouts for strength and endurance

Revenue model for 1 to 1 and multi-client personal training

Presenter mastery



METABOLIC EFFECT (this is a revolutionary activity that I strongly recommend to include) It is a 30 min class requiring only a couple of dumbells and a mat per person. ( www.metaboliceffect.com )

This certification has a cost per trainer of 249 $ (American Dollars) which must be paid  online through the Metabolic Effect web site.

A revolutionary activity which is called to be one of the most successful activities in the international fitness industry.

Metabolic Effect is a next-generation fitness and wellness company focused on hormonal metabolism. ME offers workouts, education, and other services to teach the new “fat-loss lifestyle” and restore metabolic function in a way that is tailored to the individual, hence our acronym ME. Our team has close to 100 years collective experience in the health and fitness industry, and includes holistic physicians, clinical nutritionists, wellness coaches, conditioning specialists, and personal trainers. We understand what it takes to make meaningful and lasting change from the inside out.

The Science behind the Metabolic Effect (ME) incorporates the latest understanding in endocrinology, health, fitness, strength and conditioning research. ME is a science-based program focused on changing the fat-burning hormonal response to exercise and diet. By changing hormones, rather than simply eating less or exercising more, the body naturally regulates fat burning, appetite, and mood so that motivation for exercise is enhanced while cravings for food are reduced.


The latest in exercise research says that intensity (how hard you exercise) may be as important, and perhaps more effective, than duration (how long you exercise) . This is good news for those who are starved for time. Longer more traditional forms of exercise, like running or jogging, burn calories during exercise, but can negatively impact key hormones responsible for calorie use at rest. Smart exercise uses short, focused bouts of exercise focused on weight training and intervals to “turn on” fat burning hormones. Research shows these techniques increase fat usage for hours and even days after the activity has stopped and outperform “aerobic zone” exercises like running.This is what we refer to as the metabolic “ripple” effect.


This new hormonal approach has other advantages. Traditional forms of exercise, such as moderate intensity aerobic exercise (i.e., jogging, biking, running, or swimming) can negatively alter hunger and stress hormones. This leads to increased appetite and cravings for sugary, fatty, and/or salty foods. More intelligent exercise using the approaches described above creates positive changes in hormones and naturally regulates food intake.












  • Current situation and new models of physical activity
  • Train movements, not muscles
  • Spatial references
  • Triple benefits
  • Classifications: Levels of difficulty
  • Physical qualities: strength, stability, mobility
  • Training designs



  • Pavigym History


•Training Outcomes

 •Group Sizes

•The Training Zones

•The Movement Preparation

 •Coaching Skills

•Running a Group Training Programmes

•Functional Zone Purpose

•Aims and objectives of Pavigym Group Programmes

•Different Training Programmes Available

•Functional Training Theory

•The Supporting Equipment

•The Exercises

•Skill learning and development

•Planning and preparation

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