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Daniel Gonzalez
If you are a step fun you can’t miss this class from one of the international  pioneers of asymmetrical choreography classes. Unique movements and combinations which will inspire your creativity...

Daniel Gonzalez Charlas
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Daniel Gonzalez Nutrition
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Daniel Gonzalez Conditioning
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Daniel Gonzalez MANAGEMENT
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Daniel Gonzalez Functional training
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Daniel Gonzalez Group activities
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Daniel Gonzalez new category test
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Daniel Gonzalez Workshop
The Fit- Ball is one of the most common and versatile equipments in fitness clubs as well as one of the most successfull pieces of equipment in different activities...either by itself or combined with...

Daniel Gonzalez Workshop
One of the most trendy and demanded activities in fitness clubs. In Functional training we train movemenst and not muscles...we create an efficient body...In this Workshop, Daniel will teach you the foundamentals,...

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